WellRx Integration

With Information Sharing and Transparency in focus, WellRx is soon launching a Cloud based platform which will provide unrestricted access:

Once the Purchase Order has been placed, a customer has to do a manual/email followup with the supplier for the current status of the equipment. This system will be completely automated to make sure customers have full and correct access to the status of the equipment under the purchase order. At the start of every week, this information will be automatically updated from WellRx internal system and customer will be provided with a unique login credentials to enter the cloud platform and get the latest and most updated status even for each and every component of the equipment. This system will completely eliminate any manual intervention and possible misinformation on equipment readiness date which is always very crucial in operations planning.

Another cloud based platform will be soon launched by WellRx which will give customers full access to Technical Literature, Procedures, Testing Guidelines, Handling Guidelines, Past Performance history in detail, any operational issues encountered, lesson learnt, corrective actions taken, relevant drawings of equipment and each and every component of the equipment which are being purchased by the customer. This platform will eliminate the reliance of our customers to get this information from WellRx personnel. Customers will be give unrestricted access to all possible information.

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