India's first true Downhole oilfield equipment Startup.

For more than a century, our inventions have revolutionized energy. We harness the power of engineering, data, and science to redefine what's possible.

We are an energy technology company that has a diverse portfolio of equipment and service capabilities that span the energy and industrial value chain. Our two operating segments are organized based on the nature of our markets and customers, and consist of similar products and services.

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Our Mission

To conceive ideas and develop systems, systems that hold and deliver the promise for future is the goal we have set for ourselves.

Our Vision

To conceive ideas and develop systems, systems that hold and deliver the promise for future is the goal we have set for ourselves.

What We Do?

WellRx delivers well construction through advanced practices, technology, and cross-product-service-line experience in drilling, geology, petrophysics, and geomechanics. The WellRx software suite facilitates integration and optimization. WellRx Project Management applies broad global expertise in contracting, integrating, and providing oversight of rigs and other critical third-party services throughout all phases of well design and construction.

Next-generation customized drill bits.

Customized process delivers the highest performing, application-specific designs on the market

Built for today. Designed for tomorrow.

Enhanced subsurface insight, superior drilling performance, and consistent well delivery

WellRx delivers integrated well intervention through proprietary workflows, upfront planning, and single-point accountability.

WellRx capabilities and track record cover the full spectrum of interventions including scale, sand removal, water shut-off, recompletions, artificial lift, and stimulation.

Project Execution teams leverage processes and procedures led by experienced Project Managers that are supported by real time operations capabilities. Cross-trained personnel and experienced well site supervisors reduce personnel and increase capabilities on location.

High-efficiency geothermal submersible borehole and surface pumps

Electric submersible pumping systems designed for producing super-heated water and horizontal pumping systems for producing steam via water injection

Optimizing stimulated reservoir contact

WellRx X-Tend is the latest development in hydrochloric acid fluid system. It allows deeper penetration of live acid into the formation, increasing stimulated reservoir contact compared to conventional HCl systems.

At WellRx Consulting, we are challenge-driven. That’s why we start with the problem and combine data, technology, and insights developed through deep domain experience to develop the best possible solutions.

Digital integration for increased asset value

WellRx consultants assess and collaboratively design engineered solutions to continuously improve asset value.

Integrated Services Includes:
  • Project Management
  • Well Control & Prevention Services
  • Consulting

Completion Equipment

WellRx provides completion options with a broad range of products to meet every application, from the most basic to the extreme. Fully integrated and engineered, these products add up to an infinitely configurable, highly practical system for completion optimization.

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Liner systems help reduce CAPEX by eliminating the need to extend a single, long casing string to the top of the wellbore. A liner hanger allows the liner (casing below the liner hanger) to be suspended in the previous casing string to reduce material cost and provide completion solution options.

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WellRx offers our vast array of thru-tubing equipment ans systems which delivers improved economics and less risk, NPT, and well-possession time. When well integrity problems and declining production sideline your operations, we bring your well back online rig-free with our restoration solutions.

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WellRx Service Tools offers complete services incorporating the most advanced technology in tool design, materials, and deliveries, including a broad portfolio of retrievable service tools and wellbore cleaning technology.

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Well integrity begins with the cementing process. As operations move into deeper waters and unconventional applications with higher angles, pressures, and temperatures, proper planning and execution are crucial and cementing equipment must meet even higher standards.

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