Completion Equipment

WellRx provides completion options with a broad range of products to meet every application, from the most basic to the extreme. Fully integrated and engineered, these products add up to an infinitely configurable, highly practical system for completion optimization.

Our quality assurance program meets API standards and ISO/9000 requirements to ensure superior inspection methods, materials, testing, and product design.

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Completion Packers

Production performance starts with an exceptional completion – from the reservoir to the production facility. Whether it’s a conventional well or the most complex subsea multilateral, WellRx makes it our business to understand your completion challenge. Drawing from the industry’s broadest portfolio of proven products and innovative technologies, you will get the specific infrastructure and well integrity solution you need to produce safely and efficiently for the life of your asset.

Whether it is a standard packer from our extensive product line or a unique specialized design for a hostile environment, WellRx has a wide range of production packers. We continue to develop new and innovative products to meet the present and future challenges of our industry.

The WellRx Portfolio

  • Intelligent Completion Packers: WellRx “MATI” Series Intelligent completion Packers
  • ESP Completion Packers: WellRx “PLUTA” Series ESP Completion Packers
  • Dual/Multistring Packers: WellRx “AVAYO” Series Dual/Multistring Packer
  • HPHT Packers: WellRx “PARAM” Series HPHT Packers
  • Thermal Packers: WellRx “TAAP” Series Thermal Packers
  • Hydraulic Packers (Tubing Mounted): WellRx “DRAV” Series Hydraulic Packers (Tubing Mounted)
  • Sealbore Packers: WellRx “NIBID” Series Sealbore Packers
  • Permanent Packers: WellRx “STHA” Series Permanent Packers
  • Mechanical Packers: WellRx “YAN” Series Mechanical Packers
  • Open Hole Hydraulic Packers: WellRx “AVIS” Series Open Hole Hydraulic Packers
  • Swell Packers: WellRx “PHA” Series Swell Packers
Completion Accessories

WellRx offers an extensive array of completion tubular accessories to customize the well completions and mitigate risk for the life of the well. Our products resolve issues related to tubing movement, scale buildup, corrosion, erosion, selective production, zonal isolation, intelligent completions, and more.

The WellRx Portfolio

  • Polished Bore Receptacles (PBR): WellRx “ALID” Series Polished Bore Receptacles
  • Expansion Joint: WellRx “VITAT” Series Expansion Joints
  • Shear Out Safety Joint: WellRx “VAPR” Series Shear Out Safety Joints
  • Chemical Injection System: WellRx “RASAN” Series Chemical Injection System
  • T2 On-Off Tool: WellRx “SAPR” Series On-Off Tool
  • Hydro Trip Subs: WellRx “PRAVAS” Series Hydro Trip Subs
  • Pump Out Plugs: WellRx “APAG” Series Pump Out Plugs
  • Wireline Entry Guide/Indexing Mule Shoe: WellRx “PATH” Series Wireline Entry Guide
  • O-Ring Seal Sub: WellRx “VART” O-Ring Seal Shoe
  • Flow Couplings: WellRx “SAJ” Series Flow Couplings
  • Pup Joints: WellRx “ARUS” Series Pup Joints
  • Crossovers: WellRx “VIYAT” Series Pup Joints
  • Perforated Liners: WellRx “AVAT” Series Perforated Liners
  • Blast Joints: WellRx “VISP” Series Blast Joints
  • Bull Nose: WellRx “VRSA” Series Bull Nose
  • Tubing Anchor: WellRx “ANLA-D” Series Hydraulic Tubing Anchor
  • Torque Anchor: WellRx “INLAG” Series Tubing Anchor
Flow Control Systems

WellRx Flow Control systems include a wide range of long-established, industry standard flow control equipment, including sliding sleeves, nipples, lock mandrels, plugs, standing valves and every flow control accessory. Where the traditional components for the system fall short of current performance criteria, for example lock mandrels with hinged trailing dogs, WellRx provides modern, fully engineered, retrofit equipment to suit the downhole nipple profile in question. Where a particular flow control item proves to provide superior performance, WellRx has engineered that solution for use across the whole range of industry standard profiles, ensuring the best performance from the available technology. Standard Flow Controls are the appropriate choice for conventional, economical, flow control requirements.

The WellRx Portfolio

  • Sliding Sleeves: WellRx “RIGDOR” Series Sliding Sleeve
  • Landing Nipples: WellRx “VRNT” Series Landing Nipples
  • Flow Control Accessories: WellRx “PRAH” Series Flow Control Accessories

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