Casing Accessories

Well integrity begins with the cementing process. As operations move into deeper waters and unconventional applications with higher angles, pressures, and temperatures, proper planning and execution are crucial and cementing equipment must meet even higher standards. WellRx provides top-quality equipment for cementing operations in the toughest operating environments. Each product is engineered to deliver high value and reliability. WellRx provides complete package of casing accessories that are tailored to the customer’s well design and application.

The WellRx Portfolio

  • Floar Collar: WellRx “PLAZR” Series Float Collars
  • Float Shoe: WellRx “PLAPAD” Series Float Shoes
  • Centralizer: WellRx “KENDR” Series Centralizers
  • Reamer Shoe: WellRx “AST” Series Reamer Shoes
  • Stop Collar: WellRx “VIRZ” Series Stop Collars
  • Cement Plug; WellRx “VAJR” Series Cement Plug
  • Cement Head: WellRx “VAKA” Series Cement Head
  • Cement Basket: WellRx “VAPE” Series Cement Basket
  • Stage Cementing Tool: WellRx “VEVAJ” Series Stage Cementing Tool
  • Cement Retainer: WellRx “VABHA” Series Cement Retainer

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